Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Where do you get your protein?   Without a doubt, that is the most frequent question I get from people about my transitioning to a plant-based diet.   At first I felt defensive about the question but probably more irritated than anything. I’ve eaten the Standard American Diet (SAD) for years. I’ve shoved down hundreds … Continue reading Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Week 1 Results and Snow!

Week One results are in...along with snow here in Nashville!   It was a great first week. After starting off my journey at 241.2 lbs, I expected a decent weight loss considering that I was super pumped about starting something new and exciting. Also, I've gotten lots of support from YOU, the great people who … Continue reading Week 1 Results and Snow!

My Fitness Plan

I've been pondering for the last couple of weeks if I should focus solely on nutrition for the first month of my 2017 fitness journey, or if I should possibly incorporate some sort of exercise into my routine. Making a lifestyle nutrition change seems big enough, so I just haven't thought too much about the … Continue reading My Fitness Plan