The Struggle is Real

I’m a complete and utter dislike-er of winter. While I have an appreciation of cooler weather and snow, I’d rather just skip it and move right into spring. Funny enough, that is apparently what’s happening here in Nashville: the trees are blooming, and the daffodils have pushed through the ground and are as beautiful and yellow as if it were the middle of March. I sincerely hope not, but if Punxatawny Phil is right, we may still have a big freeze coming that could kill the sprouting foliage. But enough about the weather…


The Struggle is Real


I know some of you are still following through on your New Year’s resolution of taking a road to better health. If you’re still on that road with me, then congratulations for your stick-to-it-iveness!  As for me, I’m still deeply motivated, but the struggle has become real. Since my goal is to be transparent with you guys, I want you to know I’m no different than you, and my temptation to slide back into old eating habits is probably the same as yours. The newness and excitement of starting something new has passed, so now the real work begins.


February has been an extra busy month at work for me, as on my days off, I’ve picked up shifts at work, even some overnight shifts, and regularly hitting 48-60 hours each week. The night shifts, especially, leave me completely discombobulated physically and mentally for a couple of days. So between that and just general busy-ness, my exercise and diet changes have been more of a struggle to maintain this month.


My food efforts have been stronger than my exercise, but with an endless supply of potato chips (and the occasional cookie) available at work, I’ve eaten my fair share of some things that are definitely not good for me and my arteries. I’m still having a black bean burger once a week, but I “splurge” on fries and a Mello Yello to go with it. Usually I’m successful at denying myself soda, but I’ve given myself the liberty to have one on occasion. The problem is I go get that great black bean burger from Wise Burger twice a month if not three to four times! I’ve also gotten in the habit of getting this amazing salad at Chick-Fil-A (cobb salad, no meat) on Tuesday nights when I have my daughters with me, which is totally fine. But then I get a large fry to go with it (c’mon – aren’t their waffle fries amazing?). All that to say, I’ve made some food choices that are not the best for me, even though I have not eaten meat since January 1.


The Results


Not surprisingly, the result of not exercising and making some poor food and drink choices have taken their toll. Last week, not only did I not lose any weight, I was up a pound from the week before. I can’t lie: it was a major disappointment. Thankfully, I didn’t fall into a hamburger-eating frenzy. I simply tightened up on my diet the end of this past week, which ended in a 1.5-lb. loss for the week. This week’s loss puts me down 9.4 lbs. since January 1, so I’m now in striking distance of a 10-lb. loss, which is the first milestone I’ve set for myself.


What’s Next?


Next week’s blog is going to attempt to answer the #1 question (by far!) that people have asked me since going on a vegetarian diet: “So where do you get your protein?” I’ve done a lot of research, and I think you might be surprised by the answer. Make sure you check back next week!


Until then, be encouraged if you’re on this journey with me! I’m not perfect, and I’m trying to take that expectation off myself, so don’t beat yourself up if you have a week that’s not your best. Just remember this is a journey, and it’s one that we’re on together.


One thought on “The Struggle is Real

  1. Excellent article!!! You are correct in saying a healthy life is a journey, and none of us are perfect after all. Hang in there; I have faith in you!! Wish I had the courage to lose 9 lb.!!!

    Love you!!!


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