A Christmas Surprise

The Christmas season this past year brought the normal holiday cheer and celebration, but this year brought something new to the Caveny family. Amidst the hustle and bustle and last-minute presents, my son, Aaron, called me at 9:30pm on December 21.


“Hey Dad, what’s up.”


What’s up was definitely not me; I had gone to bed about 30 minutes earlier so I could get up on time at 5:30am to be at work.


“Do you have a minute to talk?”


I immediately thought something must be wrong. My children never call just to talk.


If you have teen-aged or young adult children, most phone conversations usually go something like this: “Hey, could you do this or that for me?” “Do you know where ____ is?” Or “What do I do now that the side view mirror on my car just got knocked off by a hit and run driver?” You know those kinds of conversations: rarely much of any substance, just looking to the parent for a need or advice. Well, what came next was honestly quite a shocker.


“Just wanted you to know I’m going to propose to Madison tomorrow night.”


Madison Dubbert has been the girl that has turned his head like no other. Over the course of the last year, she has taken a feisty young man and helped him reach a level of maturity like I haven’t seen before. As for her, she’s beautiful inside and out, loves Jesus with all her heart, and has a 4.0 GPA from Middle Tennessee State University. And to top it all off, she appreciates cute and funny animal videos as much as I do!


Anyway, my adrenaline was rushing, and I was immediately no longer asleep. I mumbled something about if he had really thought this through, and did he feel he was ready for such a commitment. After all, they have only been dating for a little over year, and they are both still very young adults (Aaron’s 22 and Madison is 20).


“Yeah, I’ve thought a lot about it and am ready for it.”


After a few minutes of encouragement and unsolicited advice, I hung up the phone and tried to go back to sleep. But my heart was still pumping, and I was trying to process everything I was feeling. Danielle and I talked through it, but I just laid there in bed thinking what life was going to look like with a daughter-in-law as a part of the family. Pretty quickly, I made a big leap in my thinking. I realized that within the next few years, I could be a grandfather! I know that might be a weird jump, but I suddenly realized that a new season of life was about to begin, and I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for it. Thankfully, I quickly came to the reality that I’m certainly old enough to be a grandpa (I’ve decided I want to be called Pops!) and that I embrace this new season.


So, Aaron and Madison, be blessed! Danielle and I are so excited for you both. We are praying diligently for you both for wisdom and knowledge. And a married life with Christ at the center will be the most fulfilling life outside of your own relationship with the Lord. May you both be a blessing to each other and the family you will have one day. We look forward to many happy years (and beautiful grandchildren!).

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