Word From the Wise

I Have a Problem


I have a few problems, but the one I want to write about today is, fo sho, a big one. Like most people, I LOVE to eat. Indian, Thai, and Italian are my favorites, but there’s one food that reigns supreme: The good-old-fashioned American hamburger!


I think I could literally eat a good hamburger every day.


When I say good, I’m not talking about the ones from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. I’m talking about real-meat, homemade burgers from places here in Nashville like The Pharmacy, Gabby’s and Wise Burger.


Wise Burger is, unfortunately, on the corner right by my work. It tempts me like the siren’s call every time I drive by it. My personal favorite is their “1/3-lb. Wise Regular” burger loaded with toppings. And did I mention their crispy fries?  You can sprinkle on some special seasoning, which I always do.


And then it happened


Back in December, being in a pre-contemplative mode about changing my diet, I walked into Wise Burger and stared at the menu I’d looked at a hundred times before. I was greeted by one of two super-nice Asian ladies with contagious smiles. (I like to think of them as friends; I’ve been a “regular” for a long time!)


Feeling the excitement of moving back towards a plant-based diet, I stepped up to the counter and confidently ordered the veggie burger. I was seriously feeling so proud of myself!


And then the unexpected happened…the lady at the checkout counter actually laughed at me!


“You want veggie burger? Why?”


I felt stunned, but I managed to stammer out something about moving toward a plant-based diet. “Is the veggie burger good?” I asked. She just shrugged her shoulder and said, “It’s ok.” I was undeterred at that point, so I stuck with my decision.


Oh so tiny 


But the difference was beyond noticeable. The veggie burger was TINY! (Their 1/3-lb. burger is meaty and enormous; the meat patty actually overlaps the bun.) To compensate, I added on an extra layer of veggies from the fixin’s bar (two tomatoes, a couple of big pieces of lettuce, and enough rings of purple onion to ward off vampires–oh wait–is that garlic?). That veggie burger was loaded down, and I was feeling superior for sticking to my guns.


How did it taste? She was right. “It’s ok.”


My big win, though, was that moving forward, I can go into my favorite burger joint and still get a burger, albeit a veggie one. The air is still smoky with fresh grilled meat. The condiments and fixin’s taste the same. I think it’s a good compromise.

And BTW – if you do want a great hamburger, Wise Burger is your place. It’s located on Rosa Parks Blvd. in Metro Center.   Oh, and I should mention I went there today and got a black bean burger!  Writing this blog convinced me to!


What food do you (or would you) struggle with on a plantbased diet? Let me hear about it!

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