My Fitness Plan

I’ve been pondering for the last couple of weeks if I should focus solely on nutrition for the first month of my 2017 fitness journey, or if I should possibly incorporate some sort of exercise into my routine. Making a lifestyle nutrition change seems big enough, so I just haven’t thought too much about the exercise part…until two days ago.

Too Good to Pass Up

My neighbor Laura Bocianski is a certified health coach, blogger, and co-host of the Redeeming Disorder podcast. She’s been really helpful to my as I’ve been getting my blog up and running, and she’s encouraged my fitness journey. Recently she announced on her website, Be Free Health Coaching, that she and Matt Augsburger are partnering to offer a 30-day Fitness Challenge. It consists of four videos a week for four weeks in January. The price ($49.99) was impossible to pass up, so I took the plunge. A big plus for me is I can do the workouts on my on time. If you’re interested in doing this fitness challenge with me, here’s the link: Be Free Health Coaching 30-Day Challenge; the deadline to register is January 1. Let me know if you’ll be joining in!

@Transforming50 @thebefreegirl @augismyburger #30-DayChallenge #It’sANewYear #2017

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